I was once sneakily following a tour guide in the Roman Coliseum (tours are expensive! But my friend and I could stand awkwardly close and listen for free). He got sidetracked from the history and the gladiators and started talking about Italy’s true glory: the food. “You know why Italian food is so good? We know that cooking is artwork!”. This may be why I love Italians.

College in gray, cold places needs color and creativity. I happen to get mine from cooking. Here is the healthy, happy art I know best! Essays can wait, recipes come first.

– Dakota


3 responses to “About

  1. Remy and tessa from home

    hey dakota i like your website and tessa does to i love you and i do not no if you can or how but try to reply on the website or email

    LOVE YOU TO !!!

  2. Dearest Dakota,
    It’s raining here in Southern California today, and I am about to fix a cup of tea using the loose Earl Grey and infuser that Andy and Melissa gave me in my Christmas stocking. I feel a kinship to you in England where it often rains, and Earl Grey has become your new romantic interest. I love your blog and have read it twice. Your gift with words warms the cockles of my heart. Mimi sent fabulous photos. Treasure the moments, even the impossible ones.
    Love from the Heart and the Homeland,
    Aunt Anne

  3. hey dakota i have read a lot more of your blog and i love it.
    in 2 weeks i and going 2 California for hud’s lacrosse tournament we are going to stay at a hotel and going to lego land and sea world one more thing i need your address
    email me at Remington8remy@aol.com


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