Almond-Fig-Soy Dressing and The More than a Salad Salad


The More than a Salad Salad: Cucumber, Red Pepper, Onion, Cilantro, Sesame Seeds, an Almond-Fig- Soy Sauce, and Brown Rice Foundation

The halls of Harvard are hallowed, but the dining halls are… embarrassingly void of delicious food. There are the pizza options, the fried food options, and the cheese covered-mystery meat options.
I usually make a salad. But dining hall salads too are disappointing, satisfying hunger without satisfying the tongue. Without good dressing, eating a salad means accepting that I am in fact eating a pile of vegetables.

What the world needs is a hero. A dressing hero to save me from the bland flavor of my own salads. I have made that hero.

“The embarrassing thing is that my salad dressing is out-grossing my films.”  – Paul Newman

Brown Rice


1 c. brown rice

2 c. water

½ onion
½ tsp salt

1.  Soak the rice and drain to rid of excess starch

2. Cook onion with 1-2 tbs. olive oil until begins to turn gold (medium heat)


3. Add the rice and 2 cups of water (medium heat)


4. Bring water and rice to a boil, then drop temperature to a simmer and cover with a lid

5. Follow timing instructions of rice brand


Salad Component


1 cucumber

1 red pepper

½ onion

3 tbs. chopped cilantro


1. Chop all the ingredients into small pieces and toss



Almond-Fig- Soy Sauce


4 tbs. almond butter

1 tbs. fig jam (preferably made without added sugar)

1/4 c. lemon juice

2 tbs. water

3 tbs. Braggs amino acids or soy sauce

1 tsp. fresh ginger

1. Blend until creamy


Toss ¾ of the rice, the vegetables, and the salad dressing and serve with 1 tbs. of sesame seeds


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